Baxandall Stereo Program EQ

This EQ is based on a variation of the classic Peter Baxandall designed tone control. This has been the standard tone control circuit in most home stereos since its introduction in the 50s. It was popularized in the mastering community by Dave Collins with his "Davelizer" EQ.

My version has a Q of 0.5 (standard design is 0.7) with switchable shelving on the low and high bands. Each band is driven an SQ10 discrete opamp (6 in total). Noise is around -90dBu and distortion is less than .01%.

This EQ is built to order and can be completely customized to suit your particular needs. It can be configured as stereo ganged or with separate left/right controls using your choice of high quality Grayhill and Elma rotary switches. Price for a full 3 band build with shelving is $3,000. Below are some examples of the ways it can be configured.


Black Belt Mastering

Darkart Mastering

Nyberg Mastering

├śra Mastering

Siopis Masters

Sam Berdah Mastering