Baxandall Stereo Program EQ

This is a wide band, proportional Q equalizer with three peaking bands and switchable shelving. It's based on the classic Peter Baxandall designed tone control that's been in almost every consumer stereo since it was introduced in 1952. It has a subtle, organic sound that's great for making broad sweeping changes. In shelving mode the response is so wide that it almost behaves as a tilt EQ.

This EQ is built to order and can be customized to suit your particular needs. Below are some examples of the different ways it can be configured. Price ranges from $1500 - $2500 depending on component selection and level of customization. Please contact me for more information!

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Full Stereo Controls:

Ganged Stereo Controls:

High & Low Shelving + High Pass Filter:


Black Belt Mastering

Nyberg Mastering